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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nike Tiger & Earl Woods Ad + Original Audio

So ever since this Nike Tiger Woods ad dropped, there has been a media uproar and all types of controversy. Honestly, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. Sure the ad has vocals from Tiger’s late father, Earl Woods, but if the family didn’t want to do it, they would’nt have. Also, if you actually listen to what Earl Woods is saying in the clip, it’s really the way the situation should be handled. Tiger is a grown man and despite his celebrity status, he doesn’t belong to us or owe us anything. The best we can hope is that he’s learned his lesson and improves from it. I don’t think that the public really have a right to be mad at dude about his personal indiscretions. You can be upset by his behavior and irresponsibility but these are things you can be upset with yourself about. By no means are any of us perfect, no matter what type of image is carefully sculpted and portrayed for and/or by us. Sure children look up to him, but those children should’nt look into his bedroom. They should see him on the golf course as a model of what hard work, dedication, skill, and determination will get you. With that said, here’s the clip where Nike got the audio for their controversial ad. The Nike ad is below that. Feel free to comment.

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