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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

John Nolan Special Effects Guru

I'm a big fan of all things film. Whether its short films, blockbusters, indie flicks, documentaries, or of course music videos I’m checking them out. I've gotten a chance to work on, and be in, a couple of music videos thanks to my good friend, Lavado Stubbs and his company Conch Boy Films.

I ran across the site of a talented special effects technician named John Nolan. ( He worked on a bunch of films including, Clash of the Titans (2010), Hellboy II, Where The Wild Things Are, and a couple of the Harry Potter films. He’s very talented and has a great reel of his animatronics work. It’s a cool behind-the-scenes glimpse into special effects and how important they are to film. I was really impressed with the giant claws that are sensitive and articulate enough to pick up a small object. The robotic mouse bench pressing with the mouse trap is like watching a cartoon come to life. There is even a robotic baby that is really nothing short of f**king creepy.

You check them all out here.

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