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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dallas Mavs "Power" Video

Cool visuals from the Mavs over the KanYe single. Funny thing is that they edited Yeezy saying "Kelly Rowland". Maybe cause she's from Houston. LOL

Mavericks version

KanYe version

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Release: Air Jordan XIII "Altitude"

2010 Air Jordan XIII "Altitude"

What's up to all my SNKRH3AD's! These are some of my ALL-TIME fav Jordan's, the Air Jordan XIII "Altitude". They're pretty much grail status and the OG 2005 release was extremely limited. MJ brought them back with a new twist, changing the side panels from leather to 3M mesh. I'm looking for a pair of these to add to my collection ASAP. Below is the pricing info and more pics. Shouts to NiceKicks & KicksOnFire

Air Jordan XIII 
Black/Altitude Green
Released 12/11/2010

OG 2005 Air Jordan XIII "Altitude"

Thor Movie Trailer & Pics

Here's the recently released trailer for "Thor". I also added the official poster and a pic from the film below. Shouts to /Film

Official Trailer
Official "Thor" movie poster
Screen shot of Thor & his hammer

GhostBusters 3 & Bill Murray's @ Scream Awards

I've been waiting for this film since I was a kid!!! The word from Dan Aykroyd is that casting has already begun for Ghostbusters 3. According to SlashFilm a few names are floating around as additions to the flick including SNL's Bill Hader, Anna Faris, and Eliza Dushku. Familiar faces such as Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver will be returning, Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wrote the script and Ivan Reitman will be directing again. I love the GB franchise: both movies are great and last years video game was a perfect set-up for the next film. I'm just hoping my high expectations will be met after years of waiting. Below I had to add Bill Murray's EPIC "Zombieland" acceptance speech at the 2010 Scream awards. His outfit explains it all

Big Sean Vid & Interview

After the successful G.O.O.D. Friday releases, Big Sean is keeping his momentum going. He dropped a video for "Crazy" from the Finally Famous 3 mixtape shot in Miami and did an interview with Jessie Maguire before a show in Orlando. In the interview he talks about G.O.O.D. Fridays, collaborating with J. Cole, Mike Posner, and Chris Brown, and some of his features on the upcoming album "Finally Famous". Both vids below

"Crazy" video

Interview with Jessie Maguire

Interview with Jessie Maguire

Muhammad Ali On Being 1st Black Prez

To say that Muhammad Ali was ahead of his time is an extreme understatement... Check out the clip and drop your ¢0.02 below.
Props to WSHH for the vid

Raheem DeVaughn - "She's Single" Music Video (NSFW)

Scene from "She's Single" off the upcoming Jacking for Beats mixtape
I had to post this for multiple reasons. The main one being I got tired of trying to explain it to people. Words really don't do this vid justice and there's a reason that this video got so many hits since its release over a week ago. With that said, you've just got to see for yourself. The track itself is pretty good, I was already a fan of the  Lil Wayne version and this one doesn't disappoint. Be on the lookout for Raheem's new mixtape, Jacking For Beats. Check out the vid below and leave some feedback.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

False "Original Anarchist" Fall/Winter 2010 Collection featuring Lupe Fiasco

Lupe is popping up all over the place, you can tell he has a project on the way. He's modeling for Le Messie's False "Original Anarchist" Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. Here's a little background on False for those that don't know about the brand.

"FALSE is one of the early purveyors of independent fashion anarchism. The brand has been functioning as an evolving propaganda to Le Messie’s visions on societies illusions. His mixed media artworks constantly work on re-emerging themes of breaking down social bourgeois structural views laid on by the so called “mass elite”. Often harboring dark under-line meanings, his strong influence to mystical aesthetics often draw about a deep question into the relation of his art and it’s viewer, often functioning in it’s own individual life-like form. All garments are individually hand-screened and hand-finished by FALSE. FALSE is parent brand to Better Off Dead, Fallacy Of Rome, FALSE Sounds & Anti-Anti."

Jordan x LeBron

"You're a King, but..." 

As an admitted fan of LeBron, I have to say I'm thoroughly disappointed with how his season is going. In my opinion he still has the best overall game in the League but his ego may prevent him reaching his ultimate potential. I NEVER bought into the whole Heat winning 72 games, or getting a ring this year. They don't have a complete team yet. D.Wade and Bron gotta figure out how to share the rock before they even win 50 games!

Anyway, here's some clips that have been floating around the net lately. Bron Bron has definitely become the new NBA "Villain". Is it deserved though?

Jordan/LeBron commercial mashup

Cavs fans "Answer" to Nike Ad

LeBron bumps Coach Spoelstra

Food For Thought 11.30.10

A silly woman will look at what a man drives. A wise woman will look at what drives the man.... 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lupe Fiasco x N*E*R*D???

Great interview with N*E*R*D addressing a few topics, most notable being the addition of Lupe Fiasco into the group. I'm a huge fan of both and IMHO this would be a SUPER GROUP. Check out what they have to say and support their latest album, "Nothing" in stores now. Be on the lookout for the next Lupe album coming soon. As a bonus I added a clip of Lu spitting the intro to Food & Liquor 2 below, check it.

N*E*R*D interview

Lupe "Food & Liquor 2" intro
Lupe spits intro to Food & Liquor II from Xavier Ruffin on Vimeo.

New Video: Keri Hilson - The Way You Love Me ft. Rick Ro$$

Keri Hilson "No Boys Allowed" album cover
This is the latest visual from Ms. Keri Baby, I'm REALLY diggin' it. I am also VERY biased. I think she is super talented and equally just as beautiful. Can't say that I mind her portraying the "nasty girl" in this one either... Tell me what you think. There's a ton of cameo's including Faith Evans, Columbus Short, JoJo, and Dawn from Dirty Money. Keri's next album, "No Boys Allowed" drops December 21st

"The Way You Love Me"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kanye West Complex Cover

If you didnt know, Ye's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" dropped today. He's also gracing the cover of the latest issue of Marc Ecko's Complex magazine. The article is an in-depth look at how Yeezy created his latest album. Complex Editor-In-Chief, Noah Callahan-Bever spent time with Mr. West and the G.O.O.D. music family out in Hawaii observing the in's and out's of the creative process. You can find out more at or in the print edition.

Monday, November 22, 2010

B.o.B - Don't Let Me Fall + Beast Mode

Two dope new videos from the homie B.o.B aka Bobby Ray. The first video is for "Don't Let Me Fall" from his solo debut "The Adventures of Bobby Ray". A really dope album, if you haven't heard it yet... you're slipping. The second video is "Beast Mode" the first track of the upcoming mixtape, "No Genre" dropping December 10, 2010. Big shout to Wesley "Wuz Good" Armstrong, fellow Full Sail University alum, who did the B.o.B. cover artwork.

Don't Let Me Fall

Beast Mode

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Human Highlight Reel 2.0

Yo, I'm REALLY impressed with the NBA this year, there really arent too many wack teams so far. Even the teams that probably wont make the playoffs are playing great ball. With that said, the Clippers usually don't make the post-season but they do have last year's #1 pick, Blake Griffin. Griffin didnt get play last year due to a knee injury and he's come back this year playing with a vengeance. His dunks are gonna have me petitioning for a resurrection of the "Human Highlight Film" nickname. No diss to Dominique Wilkins BUT Griffin is well on his way to deserving some kind of psuedo-moniker ASAP. Check out what he did to the Knicks tonight along with putting up 44 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists.

As a bonus I threw in Rudy Gay's game winner over Bron Bron.

Definition of "POSTERIZED"

Mitsuhiro Okamoto "Batta Mon" Sculptures

Batta Mon exhibit, Osaka, Japan
Mitsuhiro Okamoto "Batta Mon" Sculptures are sculptures made out of knock off designer handbags. Its made to call into question the relationship between imitation and authenticity. A much better use of the materials IMHO. Its always cool to see an artist take one item and creatively utilize it in a completely different way, I think its the same reason why I love to hear a sample used several ways. If you're anywhere near the Kyoto gallery in Osaka, Japan you should make it a point to see these in person. For the rest of us here in the western hemisphere... there's more pics after the jump.
Gold Louis Vuitton

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clinton Sparks, Mike Posner & Big Sean - Ambiguous Girl

From Left: Mike Posner, Big Sean, Clinton Sparks
This is the official video for "Ambiguous Girl" but I couldn't tell who's track this officially is. I had it 1st on Big Sean's "Finally Famous Vol. 3" mixtape but since Clinton Sparks & DJ Snake produced the track, Sparks is getting top billing on some sites. Regardless the track is dope, the video is hilarious, and there's a cameo from Far East Movement at the end. Shouts to fellow Michigan representers Big Sean and Mike P.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roast of Super Mario (NSFW)

Bowser showing Mario some love
Dont be fooled, just because Mario is (arguably) the most beloved video game character ever, this is still a roast. And when has a roast EVER been "safe for work"? This is a MUST SEE whether you're a gamer or you just played Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt on the OG Nintendo. Shouts to College Humor for the vid.

Word To Em

Here's a site you should check out, The content ranges from fashion to mixtapes to food for thought. It's run by a few cats that are not only Hip-Hop heads but also intelligent and on a mission. Show them some love. Word To Em

KR3W x Crooks & Castles Capsule Collection

Here's the brand new KR3W x Crooks & Castles Capsule Collection. I'm excited to see two of my favorite brands working together. This collabo looks smooth and I'm really feeling the heavy denim jeans. The way they did the back pocket is extra fresh. I dont know about you but this is really like mixing chocolate & peanut butter for me... damn good

Dr. Dre XXL Cover

I guess its true, the mytholigical and much rumored #DETOX is actually coming out soon. The good Dr. graces the cover of XXL's Dec/Jan issue. Oh and a track called "Kush" featuring Snoop and Akon leaked too. Im not feeling it at all so I'm not gonna bother blogging about it

New Video: Bun B f. Drake - Put It Down

New vid off Bun B's "Trill OG" album, featuring Drake "Put It Down". Shout out to homegirl in the gold pants...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Music: T.R.A.I.N "Emmett Brown"

Detroit, MI artist T.R.A.I.N. is back with a new track called "Emmett Brown". (For those that dont know, Dr. Emmett Brown invented a time machine using a DeLorean and flux capacitor in the movie Back To The Future) This  new track is just a teaser for his upcoming release "Boarding Pass II: Late Arrival". Check out the track below and download it for free at

@train2freedom twitter

  EMMIT BROWN by Verse-Is

Music Video: Curren$y "Michael Knight"

The O.G. Michael Knight from KnightRider
New "Michael Knight" video for the of Pilot Talk 2 release, in stores November 22, 2010. Really love the artwork for both Pilot Talk releases. I still bang "Pilot Talk" so I'm really looking forward to the follow up. Props to Spitta on the track AND the Corvette in this vid. After the jump, I dropped in an interview with Mr. Peter Parker where Curren$y explains the inspiration behind the track (7:50 mark). J.E.T.S. FOOL

MICHAEL KNIGHT from Creative Control on Vimeo.
Pilot Talk 2 album in stores November 22. Video directed by Coodie & Chike ( with special effects by KRSP

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Uncle Russell's Open Letter to Kanye

Following Kanye's uncomfortable (to say the least) interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, and his subsequent Twitter rant right after, Russell Simmons has written him an open letter. For those that don't know, former President Bush told Lauer in his own Today Show interview that Kanye West calling him racist (which never happened) was the LOWEST moment of his presidency.

I would almost be appalled at that statement had I not witnessed the countless blunders during his administration. Of course in his revisionist history view of the 8 years he presided, an entertainer public saying he "doesnt care about Black people" would really be his lowest moment. Not when he sat in an elementary school classroom on September 11, 2001, during the worst attacks on American soil. Not when he lied about WMD's and sent thousands of troops to die for an unnecessary war. Not when sat peering through a window as millions of Gulf Coast residents suffered and died because of the affects of Hurricane Katrina. Not when his Vice President, Dick Cheney, shot a man in the face and tried to cover it up. Not even when he choked on a damn pretzel and had to be rescued by the dog. Nope, it was Kanye calling him out on national TV that was the worst...

Anyway, check out this heartfelt and honest letter from Uncle Russ. I agree whole-heartedly with his sentiments.

Dear Kanye,
   I have early recollections of Damon Dash calling me and forcing me to put you on Def Poetry Jam.  I knew your record, "Through The Wire," but I didn't know much more.  When you took the stage on Def Poetry Jam that night, and spit those genuine, heartfelt words, I witnessed your specialness that Damon had emphatically told me about.
   From that moment on, you became a poet who has inspired the poets.  I have proudly watched your career since then, and in case someone has missed the obvious, you are making a historical impact on music.  Your life story took a tough turn with the passing of your mother.  Although we grieved with you, we never really knew how much pain you were in.  We witnessed your moment at the MTV Music Awards and many of us dismissed it as, "oh that is just Kanye being Kanye."  The hard part of all of this, is that we have all had moments in our lives that have been challenging, painful and hard to overcome, however most of us just hide our emotions and never deal with that inner-struggle that we face on a daily basis.  As an artist, Kanye, you have always looked inside for your inspiration...always exuding emotions that are in us, but that we never expose.  That is what artistry is look inside for what is unique.  With your journey towards a higher level of consciousness, a journey that we all are on, you have shown through your art a commitment to greatness.
   The thirty minute film you most recently made was beyond brilliant.  Brilliance is not a word that can even begin to describe your ability to paint vibrant, vivacious, colorful yet muted paintings of poetry, music, costume, art, design and most important, passion.  The passion you put into your new album is why I stayed up all those nights in the early 80's trying to get DJs and radio stations to play our records.  I knew this day would come. Actually, maybe I didn't know, but I really, really hoped it would.  I didn't work this hard when I was your age to watch the culture go the wrong way.  And you, my friend, just took us to another level.  I am simply in awe.
   With this power, as you know, comes great responsibility.  I am saying nothing you haven't heard before.  When you spoke about President Bush during the Katrina telethon, it was not the particulars of your words that mattered, it was the essence of a feeling of the insensitivity towards our communities that many of us have felt for far too long.  It was the image of the President, our President, the President of the United States Of America, peering out the window of an airplane, as the people on the ground were drowning, that hurt us the most.  For centuries, our people have relentlessly tread water as hard as they could to stay afloat, and here we were, literally drowning, and it felt like the President was insensitive.  There is no need to apologize, Kanye.  You spoke from your heart and that is all we will ever ask from you.  Don't be afraid of the press, as your art is your blueprint, thanks to Jay-Z, your big brother, we will always carry our destiny in our own hands.  You are are an artist whose art is masterful.  You are a servant to this world who no matter how hard it gets, keeps on giving.  Giving gifts that inspire us, challenge us and motivate us to be better family and friends.
   Keep on, Kanye.  Keep on.  We love you.  We cherish you.  And we will always have your back.

Vids of the interviews after the jump

Friday, November 12, 2010

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights

"This what you all been waiting for, aint it? What people pay paper for, damnit..." (Yeezy Voice)

Tracklist and back cover after the jump

Download Mixtape Free | Mixtape Player

Need To Want Less by Recovering Lazyholic

Need To Want Less by Recovering Lazyholic
I ran across Recovering Lazyholic's flickr page and she had this really fresh "Need To Want Less" photo project. After checking out a few of the pics, I immediately thought that I had to share this on my blog. Her creativity is inspiring and I love the way she is using photography and graphic design to fight something I'm SURE "we all fall prey to bouts of, laziness." These are a few samples of her "Need To Want Less" project that I really identified with. There are plenty more here and also check her site ( for more of her artwork. More pics after the jump
Damn I love sushi... but that chunk light is CLUTCH

Do Work!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bape x Kid Cudi Rager T-Shirt

Limited Edition Bape x KiD CuDi "Rager" Tee
KiD CuDi's sophomore album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager dropped on Tuesday (11/9/10). CuDi also got some love from the NYC Bape store in the form of a limited edition tee and a surprise performance. Click here for more info on the Bape x Kid Cudi Rager T-Shirt. More pics of the tee's after the jump.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

The North Face Purple Label "Harris Tweed Houndstooth" Pack

Obie Trice - Anymore (Prod. NO SPEAKERZ)

Obie Trice, Black Market Ent. founder
Brand new track from Detroit's own, Obie Trice. A real big shout out to NO SPEAKERZ, the Detroit-based production team that produced this track. Those dudes have been grinding in the city, winning beat battles and making a name for themselves. Its great to see their hard work paying off. Be on the look out for my own track with NO SPEAKERZ member Bee Lee (no relation to Bruce) coming soon.

Preview the track and download if you like it

  Obie Trice - Anymore (Prod. NO SPEAKERZ) by Verse-Is

Hex iPod Nano Watch Band

The very first time I saw the commercial for the 6th Gen Apple iPod Nano, I initially thought that it was just way too small. So small that it was impractical. Sure it looks cool but its just bigger than a quarter. Thanks to good people over at Hex though, they've created a watchband that solves this problem. This Hex iPod Nano Watch Band is a WAY easier way to utilize all the functions of the Nano while still being fresh and fashion forward. The design includes a silicon strap, comes in an array of colors, and includes integrated buttons. You can order now at

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kanye West - Runaway (Full-length Film)

I've watched this a few times now and I'm really impressed with it. From an artist standpoint, this is a beautiful collage of music, film, fashion, and culture. I aspire to reach these heights with my own art. From a marketing standpoint, this is pure genius. It seamlessly samples the album while giving the audience the artist's take on the songs. It also adds a cohesive theme to the album, essentially setting up the listener for the release. Props to Kanye West for what he is doing with G.O.O.D. Fridays and for the great job with this short film Runaway.

Scene from 'Runaway'

Jay-Z x DJ Semtex Interview (11/5/10)

I love this pic...
Jay-Z sits down with BBC Radio 1Xtra's DJ Semxtex and talks about his greatest hits CD and book "Decoded," his collabo album with Kanye West "Watch The Throne," he weighs in on the pro's and con's of free and paid music, as well as a LOT more. There's really some jewels in here. Jay is definitely one of my favorite artist and his success as an emcee has been really inspiring.

On another note, you really need to check out the website for Jay's Decoded book. Fresh