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Monday, April 5, 2010

Whats Up World

Welcome to my brand new blog, Uni-Verse-Is. I am the emcee, Verse-Is, 1/2 of the legendary Michigan Hip-Hop group, Figures Of Speech (F.O.S. YES!!!), and 1/4 of the Hip-Hop Group Broken English Majors (B.E. Boys). Im a true sneakerhead, a microphone fiend, and I'm from the greatest city in the world, Detroit, MI. I'm new to blogging so bare with your boy. As an artist (not just with music), I wanted another outlet to creatively express my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions on the different forms of art that I love, including film, fashion design, sneaker design, music, and graphic arts. Don't get it twisted though, this blog isn't JUST about art, it will feature news, politics, gaming, sports, girls, technology -- basically everything that I'm into. You can catch me on twitter and facebook, plus I've got a personal website coming real soon. Anyway, good look on stopping by my blog and I'm looking forward to sharing some cool s#!t with you. Peace


Big shout out to Raven Harbor Design Studio for my logo and Derick Xavier for my photos

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