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Saturday, November 6, 2010

WTF has Obama done so far?

As an American citizen, this is a valid question to ask of ANY president. We should always seek to keep those we put into a position of power accountable. On the other hand, we live in the information age and with an internet connection you can pretty much find any and every thing that you want to. I personally believe that people should take it upon themselves to find out whats going on in the world. We all should be actively searching for unbiased news and info, not just taking whatever is given to us.

Anyway, in regards to President Obama and what he's been doing since he got into office, there's a new site called "WTF Has Obama Done So Far" that answers that very question while linking to articles about the answer. Its a really good resource to remain educated about the Obama administration and what they're doing with the responsibility we have entrusted to them. Check it out when you get a chance.

Here's a screen shot of the site

And no, Prez Obama hasn't been working on hoverboards but... yes, I do wish that he could.

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