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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Human Highlight Reel 2.0

Yo, I'm REALLY impressed with the NBA this year, there really arent too many wack teams so far. Even the teams that probably wont make the playoffs are playing great ball. With that said, the Clippers usually don't make the post-season but they do have last year's #1 pick, Blake Griffin. Griffin didnt get play last year due to a knee injury and he's come back this year playing with a vengeance. His dunks are gonna have me petitioning for a resurrection of the "Human Highlight Film" nickname. No diss to Dominique Wilkins BUT Griffin is well on his way to deserving some kind of psuedo-moniker ASAP. Check out what he did to the Knicks tonight along with putting up 44 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists.

As a bonus I threw in Rudy Gay's game winner over Bron Bron.

Definition of "POSTERIZED"

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