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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jordan x LeBron

"You're a King, but..." 

As an admitted fan of LeBron, I have to say I'm thoroughly disappointed with how his season is going. In my opinion he still has the best overall game in the League but his ego may prevent him reaching his ultimate potential. I NEVER bought into the whole Heat winning 72 games, or getting a ring this year. They don't have a complete team yet. D.Wade and Bron gotta figure out how to share the rock before they even win 50 games!

Anyway, here's some clips that have been floating around the net lately. Bron Bron has definitely become the new NBA "Villain". Is it deserved though?

Jordan/LeBron commercial mashup

Cavs fans "Answer" to Nike Ad

LeBron bumps Coach Spoelstra

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